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Bristol Fighter

Scratch built in 1/24th scale

David Glen scratch build 1:24 scale Bristol Fighter gallery header image

My Bristol Fighter is my second attempt at the 'art' of scratch building in this scale, and a more ambitious project to follow the E.III. The suspended lower wing configuration presented special challenges, yet the finished model, once rigged, is remarkably robust. It is painted to represent the mount of Lts. Gill and Newey of 139 Squadron in August 1918. The aircraft was shot down and capured only seven days after delivery for active service. Once again, thanks go to Albatros Productions' Datafile Specials, Volumes 1 and 2, and also to the RAF Museum at Hendon in North London whose magnificent part-covered exhibit provided a unique opportunity for photography.

Mustang in my Workshop book cover

Mustang in my Workshop

A book to inspire, encourage and empower the enthusiastic model maker to scratch build a masterpiece.