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Spitfire Mk IX Diary, page 10

Head armour and volt regulator

Saturday, 16th August, 2014

Having become preoccupied over the summer with fitting out the cockpit, I have had to remind myself of a more fundamental objective – to complete...
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Fuel tank jettison controls

Thursday, 31st July, 2014

I mentioned the Spitfire’s drop tank jettison equipment in my entry of July 9, when I fitted some obscure components of its control mechanism into...
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The IFF switch assembly

Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

The methods I use to make much of the cockpit detail in my large-scale models draw heavily on techniques picked up over years of ‘super...
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Oxygen and carbon dioxide

Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

Also located on the starboard lower sidewall, and immediately adjacent to the de-icing array described previously, are the emergency undercarriage CO2 bottle and hand lever...
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Windscreen de-icing system

Monday, 28th July, 2014

The process of fitting out the cockpit in the space below the waist longerons has to be completed at an early stage, because once the...
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Pneumatics 2: some ancillaries

Tuesday, 22nd July, 2014

The arrangement of the pneumatic system varies in the Mk IX, dependent not least on the location of the air tanks. While relatively complex, much...
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The rudder pedals

Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

While focussed on the nether regions of the cockpit, it seemed logical to tackle the rudder pedals: with these done I could congratulate myself that...
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The devil in the detail

Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

I described in my last blog the turnbuckles for the elevator and rudder control cables, and how the chances are that they will hardly be...
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Rudder and elevator cables

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014

Installation of the pneumatic system, plus the addition of a couple of minor electrical boxes, left most of the work in the void behind the...
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Pneumatic system 1: Air tanks

Sunday, 29th June, 2014

Come June, I shifted direction entirely and resumed work on the long abandoned fuselage interior, focussing on the section immediately aft of the cockpit between...
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