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Spitfire Mk IX Diary, page 7

Fuel tank cover

Sunday, 29th May, 2016

My apologies for the lengthy hiatus in my web log, and particularly to those who have contacted me about it. I fear the cold, miserable...
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The Spitfire's side cowls

Tuesday, 5th January, 2016

By mid-November I turned to the Spitfire’s side cowls, the easiest of the set in terms of their surface contours.   Work began with some localised repair...
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Top cowl and a major setback

Friday, 1st January, 2016

Sometime jobs go wrong, and sometimes they go badly wrong!  Ever since finishing the ply-balsa fuselage core in 2013 I had pondered alternative ways to...
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Belly skin and ident light

Thursday, 31st December, 2015

Shortly after installing the Vokes filter I made and fitted the strip of belly skin aft of it. It took several days because this elongated...
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An experiment in panel beating

Wednesday, 30th December, 2015

I had long anticipated a major challenge when it came to the cowl panels. And as anticipated, I found it impossible to force litho plate...
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Finishing the Vokes air intake

Wednesday, 30th December, 2015

A design feature of the Mk IX Spitfire is that its elegant, streamlined carburettor intake is constructed integral with the lower cowl, and that is...
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Installing the upper sidewalls

Monday, 28th December, 2015

There are certain stages in the saga a scratch built model that change the landscape at a stroke. In the case of my Spitfire Mk...
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Assembling the instrument faces

Sunday, 27th December, 2015

Rubdown stage With the return of the custom dry transfer or ‘rubdown’ sheets assembly can get under way in earnest. Many aircraft instruments of the period...
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Grapics for instrument faces

Sunday, 27th December, 2015

My preferred technique for producing aircraft instrument faces (described in my book, Spitfire in my Workshop) relies on a device called a photo mechanical transfer...
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Fitting out the instrument panel

Sunday, 27th December, 2015

If my woeful four-month long neglect of my diary has been noticed, then in mitigation I can at least claim to have been busy on...
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