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Spitfire Mk IX Diary, page 8

Fitting out the stbd upper sidewall

Saturday, 22nd August, 2015

One of the realities that the large-scale aero modeller quickly comes to terms with is that for almost every installation in the cockpit there is...
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Fitting out the port upper sidewall

Friday, 21st August, 2015

When building my first Spitfire I fitted out the upper cockpit sidewalls in situ; this time I decided to complete all detailed work and painting...
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The chassis selector control

Thursday, 20th August, 2015

The undercarriage or chassis selector quadrant is neither an easy item to interpret nor to model. Even with GA drawings and good photographs, the shapes...
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The throttle quadrant

Thursday, 20th August, 2015

I used Supermarine drawings for the engine control quadrant, backed by illustrations in the Mk V Manual and the superb photographs in Paul Montforton’s book,...
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Control column - Part 2

Sunday, 21st June, 2015

With the spade grip assembly complete, the next task is the column itself, beginning with the forked housing at the top. It is sometimes easier...
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Control column - Part 1

Tuesday, 9th June, 2015

The finished control column represents a week’s work. I built it from the top down, starting with the wedge-shaped pivoting neck that carries the spade...
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Near disaster! A cautionary tale

Monday, 8th June, 2015

When in 2013 I installed the labyrinthine structure in belly of the fuselage I made provision for future attachment of the control column in the...
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Fuse boxes and air filter control

Saturday, 6th June, 2015

To my embarrassment I have only now discovered that I omitted to post a diary entry written back in September 2014. So on the basis...
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Magnetic compass and tray

Saturday, 6th June, 2015

Since early spring I have been finding reasons to avoid the really focussed work that remains to do inside the cockpit; but if I am...
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The instrument panel

Friday, 5th June, 2015

Cutting out the instrument panel is a straightforward task, prompted at this stage in order to verify the accuracy of its fit against the upper...
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