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Spitfire Mk IX Diary, page 12

Wooden wing 1: topside

Tuesday, 1st April, 2014

By mid-March, and with the tail wheel assembly complete, I began work on the wings, resurrecting from storage the two plywood sheets marked out and...
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Tail wheel and yoke

Wednesday, 12th March, 2014

With the strut complete I began on the U-shaped tail wheel yoke: Starting with some 1/8-in. thick sheet copper, I cut a blank roughly 5...
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Tail Strut

Tuesday, 11th March, 2014

After one of the wettest, most demoralising winters I can remember, March dawned with a glimmer of sun. I heeded the cue and, for the...
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An unsought interlude

Monday, 2nd December, 2013

I am sure all model makers, even the professionals among us, have their barren periods, those unwelcome interludes in which for no apparent reason zeal...
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The built-up cockpit

Wednesday, 13th November, 2013

Construction of the cockpit sidewalls followed closely that of the underbelly, departing only in detail. Each rectangular panel supports three intercostals of either top-hat or...
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Plumbing preliminaries

Tuesday, 12th November, 2013

With the successful addition of skin panels to the fuselage underside, I was keen to press on with building up the sides of the cockpit...
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First internal skin panels

Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013

By July-August I began installing the fuselage belly skin between Frames 7 and 13, relieved that I had reached the first stage in the process...
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Nose and fuselage balsa blocking

Saturday, 12th October, 2013

By about mid-summer of this year (2013) and by way of diversion from preliminary work inside the incipient cockpit, I returned to the model’s nose...
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Heel boards and rudder bars

Thursday, 10th October, 2013

A conspicuous feature within the lower fuselage is the substantive sub-assembly supporting rudder pedals, heel boards, control column, aileron cable drum and other less obvious...
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The visible fuselage frames

Sunday, 15th September, 2013

Fuselage Frames 7 to 12 are all prominent within the Spitfire’s cockpit, so they needed to be uncompromisingly accurate. However, they also had to double...
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